Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is real, and it is revolutionary. It is already disrupting many industries and we have only scratched the surface. As a business leader, you know you can’t ignore it; with the uses of A.I. flowing from Customer Service all the way to Marketing & Sales.

Artificial Intelligence is the capability of a machine to use data in order to imitate intelligent human behaviour; using human reasoning as a model but not necessarily the end goal.

With customer data, AI can provide accurate insights and suggest smart marketing solutions that would directly reflect on profits.

Why should I implement techniques that utilize A.I. in my business?

  1. Basic communication automation: Using the example of social media automated chatbots; A.I. powered chatbots are available 24/7, cost less than a human, they know all your customer history and never lose their patience.
  2. Retargeting: Have you ever picked out a couple of items from a website, added them to cart; only to lose interest and close the tab? Using A.I. you have the power to target this particular shopper (on a social network, rather than the e-commerce website with the products he liked and give him the chance to finalize his purchase.

85% of businesses will automate their customer service by 2022; in turn saving $8 billion dollars in total.

  1. Context-aware advertising: Imagine watching a YouTube video about the Malaysian Airline’s Plane that went missing back in 2014; only to be met with a mid-roll ad from Malaysian Airlines telling you to “Get lost in your dream holiday location”.
  2. E-Commerce automated merchandising: Personalised merchandising with the aim of improving visitor experience and driving sales to your website; by showing them what they want to see as quickly as possible.
  3. Dynamic Email Marketing: Creating and designing a number of newsletter elements, to target to specific customer types based on points such as previous website interactions, previously read content, time spent on a page, wish list, shopping cart, previous interactions with branded emails.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to send curated emails to every single customer by reading and analysing patterns.

By no means does it mean that once you have implemented these strategies using A.I.; you will be able to stop producing high-level content; however once everything is in place you will definitely have more time to spend on doing so.

None of this is possible without human input; so don’t panic too much. Celebrate the beauty of the advancement of technology.